Brogue State


An Iraqi reporter acclaimed as a hero across much of the Middle East after he threw his shoes at President Bush was sentenced in Baghdad to three years in prison yesterday.

And contrast:

Premier Wen Jiabao has asked Cambridge University to forgive the student who threw a shoe at him during his speech there this month, the Chinese ambassador to the UK said on Saturday.

Pasta of Mass Destruction

Israel is not making enough effort to improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza. Currently fewer than two hundred trucks daily are entering Gaza, double how many it was allowing a month ago, but still less than half the number the US, the EU and the UN say is required. Israel’s absurd restrictions on what constitutes aid seems to have resulted in some rather bizarre bans.

However, an incident occured last week at a crossing into the Gaza Strip that gave a very different impression to a senior observer. When Senator John Kerry visited the Strip, he learned that many trucks loaded with pasta were not permitted in. When the chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee inquired as to the reason for the delay, he was told by United Nations aid officials that “Israel does not define pasta as part of humanitarian aid – only rice shipments.”

Pasta of Mass Destruction?

BDS in the USA

Students at Hampshire College explain why they have become the first college in the US to divest from Israel’s occupation:

Hampshire was the first American College to divest from South Africa back in 1977 and was followed by hundreds of other US Colleges. Let’s hope history repeats itself.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu comments:

“This is a monumental and historic step in the struggle for Palestinian equality, self-determination and peace in the Holy Land by non-violent means. I see what these students have accomplished as a replica of the support of their College of our struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Hampshire College’s decision to divest should be a guiding example to all institutions of higher learning.”

More here.

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